Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I took a week long vacation out to my parents cabin and am now back at work soaking up as much time with my man as I can get before our schedules switch again!
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Bath Time

I LOVE me some baths! Like looooooove that quiet me time! I let the water run, usually too hot, load it up with bubbles and epsom salts. I pour myself a cup of coffee or sometimes a glass of wine depending on what time of the day it is. Then I bring in a current book I am reading or my laptop to catch up on TV shows or movies. However putting your computer on a towel on the toilet and your glass on the floor isn’t as luxurious or comfortable…

Introducing the bath shelf!

bathtub1 bathtub2 bathtub3

Now these images are ones I have seen on Pinterest and Google Image Search. I mentioned to my man how much I would love to have one and what does he do?! He surprises me with one he made himself! Oh how I love when he does manly, romantic things like that!


All mine 🙂 Time to hop in the tub!


Wednesday Morning


A few of my favorite things…

Happy Birthday Canada!

Today my country turns 147 years old! Oh Canada! Hopefully we will get to see the sun since it’s been hiding the last three days. There is a free pancake breakfast, parade and kids activities in my town tomorrow. I might take a walk downtown and check out some food vendors or lay out under the sun in my yard. No big plans yet! What are you doing to celebrate this holiday?

Here are some of my favourite summer items from Canadian stores!








Au revoir pour l’instant!