Random Saturdays

Hey guys! Like I said the internet at work is not reliable at all so I have been lacking in the post department. I should only have one more week left in the bush then I can go home for a week off! I am counting down the days – 6! Anyways here are a few things I’m loving lately..

photo 1

Have you guys been watching Candidly Nicole on VH1?! Oh.Em.Gee. She is hilarious! What is this girl on, and where can I get some?!

photo 5

So I mentioned that I like, lust, love dark chocolate and the next day at work the night shift consultant brought me this bar of 90% Cacao, Lindt Dark Chocolate balls and a MASSIVE bar of Belgium Dark Chocolate that I have not cracked into yet. Uhm… spoiled much?! YES!

photo 2

Seriously, Whitney at IWYP wrote this bang-on article about long distance relationships and it couldn’t have come at a more fitting time! I almost cried and then laughed and have read her post over and over. My man and I have seen each other for 36 hours in the last 8 weeks! Talk about a bitch goin’ crazay! Read her post here.

Okay let’s get on to some FOOD!

photo 1

I grilled my very first steak at work the other night and it came out perfectly medium rare, just how I love it! Woop!

photo 3

Healthy meal last night, pretty sure this SnapChat tells you whats up.

photo 4

This morning it was fried egg on smashed avocado, on chipolte hummus on multi-grain toast.

photo 4

Oh and I made these for the boys on my crew one morning 🙂


All for now, chow!



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