L’oreal Preference Mousse

I dyed my hair… out of a box. I have not done this since I was in Grade 8. But I was desperate. My roots were coming in, my highlights were fading and I was stuck at work, living in a remote location 80 kilometers from any sort of hair salon. I always get a professional dye job because I have heard how bad box dyes are for you hair but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do sometimes! I decided to go with the L’oreal Paris Preference Mousse that I had seen about online. I asked another blogger a few questions, cashed in $15 and went for it. Here are my results…

photo 2

photo 4after1

I almost used up the whole canister (my hair is ridiculous thick!) but saved some for touch ups in 4 weeks. I was fairly impressed with how good of a job it did and the dark rich colour. It didn’t completely cover my highlights on the ends but I didn’t expect it too, they’re much darker and look intentional. I love the price and how fast this was when I was in a pinch! I’m trying not to wash it too much as I don’t want the colour to fade and I use the supplied conditioner every time I do wash my hair. I find the dye has left my hair a tad greasy, even after a shampoo and condition but assume that it is still working itself out. Let me know what you think, and if you would ever dye your hair out of a box? Or have you tried the L’oreal Mousse? Show me some before & afters!

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