Link Love #002

So I thought I’d start off this weeks Link Love (last week here) with an update. A few weeks ago I dyed my hair with L’oreal Preferrance Mousse and at first I liked the colour and all was good in hair world (original post). But now that I have had a few more washes the colour is now completely gone. Like washed right out. Can’t even tell it was once very dark brown, back to my old professionally done highlights. Needless to say I WON’T be box dying my hair again, professionals are the way to go here.


Spot on Liquor Labels – Hilarious!

Living a Self-Approved Life

DIY Herb Garden – Always wanted to have my own!

Whipped Coconut Oil for Hair & Body – So making this!

9 Signs You’ve Found Your Husband – A nice read for happy couples 🙂

This nail colour though!

How To Clean Your Blowdryer – It’s time I do mine!



Lilly Pulitzer Sale

Only 15 hours left in the Lilly Pulitzer Sale. Some of the clothes are a little too feminine and colorful for my taste but I did pick out some items I can see mixing in my closet.



Is there a theme here? Not one for bright greens, pinks or purples. I can definitely see myself saving those summer dresses for next year and mixing up this beautiful blouse with some edgy fall pieces in my closet. This gold clutch would make a great make up bag. I am in DESPERATE need of a new makeup bag as I’m currently carrying around my essentials in a zip lock bag right now! Know of any cute ones around the web?

All photos link to their respective pages for easy shopping! 




Delicious and seasonal can be eaten as a side or meal!


Grilled Squash, Tomato and Zuchinni
All I did was crank up the BBQ, spray the veggies with olive oil and heavily sprinkle Mrs. Dash garlic blend all over. Cover the pan in tinfoil and poke some holes in the top. I let mine roast for over an hour.

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This Is The Deck Life Dealt You

I was running late, and hungover again. I wish I could skip this entire day.

Friday morning, 7:00 am, the annoying alarm on my cell phone buzzed, urging me to get my ass out of bed and into the bathroom. I quickly stuffed my hair into a low ponytail, brushed my teeth, squeezed into some jeans and an old black grad hoodie. My best friend Alice was outside waiting for me in her civic, equally as distraught.

“K, like what happened last night?”
“We did it again.”
I took a sip of her chai latte. Too hot.

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Link Love #001

What TV shows do you guys watch? I’m a reality TV junkie. Here’s what I’m into at the moment… Big Brother, Real Housewives of Orange County & New Jersey, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Candidly Nicole, Geordie Shore, Bachelor in Paradise, Teen Mom 2, Party Down South, America’s Next Top Model, The Amazing Race Canada, MasterChef, Top Chef Duels, Pretty Little Liars and Finding Carter. Wow! I have a lot of time on my hands at work. Maybe I will start doing a weekly post on these shows to gain a viewer audience and discussion… hmmm?


30 Shoes under $50 for Fall – My fall wardrobe wish list coming soon!

Epic Birthday Cake – May have to make this for my upcoming birthday!

What Your Ponytail Says – I’m the medium pony.

Copy-Cat Pumpkin Scones – Fall & Starbs, right around the corner!

Dove $5 Dry Shampoo – Need this for when I am at work for weeks on end!

DIY Chain Booties – I WILL be doing this to my old WalMart boots I bought last year 🙂

5 Days to Sexy Abs & Butt – I signed up for this quick challenge to do when I finish T25.

I must be the last person to discover Sweetapolita and The Lean Green Bean ?! Fell in love with these two blogs this week.



Random Saturdays

Hey guys! Like I said the internet at work is not reliable at all so I have been lacking in the post department. I should only have one more week left in the bush then I can go home for a week off! I am counting down the days – 6! Anyways here are a few things I’m loving lately..

photo 1

Have you guys been watching Candidly Nicole on VH1?! Oh.Em.Gee. She is hilarious! What is this girl on, and where can I get some?!

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L’oreal Preference Mousse

I dyed my hair… out of a box. I have not done this since I was in Grade 8. But I was desperate. My roots were coming in, my highlights were fading and I was stuck at work, living in a remote location 80 kilometers from any sort of hair salon. I always get a professional dye job because I have heard how bad box dyes are for you hair but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do sometimes! I decided to go with the L’oreal Paris Preference Mousse that I had seen about online. I asked another blogger a few questions, cashed in $15 and went for it. Here are my results…

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