Reality & Perception

I recently came across and article that completely fit my current life situation. I felt like the universe was sending me a signal that I wasn’t even full aware that I needed.


The article was in O Magazine by Dr. Phil. First of all I have never read Oprah’s magazine before, I picked it up at the grocery store because my friend had recommended a recipe out of it. Secondly I never watch Dr. Phil, he’s just not my cup of tea on TV. However as I began flipping through the pages I started to really like all the deep, profound articles… And then I came to page 36.


There is no reality – only perception.

The article talks about the way you’re looking at life and the way it really is happening. How to step out of your old beliefs and look at your current situations with new eyes. The examples used were a critical boss, an unloving partner and troubled friends. All of which I have been struggling with myself.

Sometimes I feel as if my boss targets me and puts me on unfavorable jobs to teach me a lesson. Or that she makes me sit and wait with no work as punishment to taking vacation days. Now to Los of you this may not make sense, my job is not your standard 9-5 office job. I’m an EMR in the Oil/Gas industry but I won’t get into the details on that today (maybe in another post if you’re interested?). I tend to feel very undervalued and under appreciated by my boss and I take it too personally. Instead I need to start seeking alternate explanations. My boss has lots of other staff to handle and she is trying to keep everyone on a fair rotation. Some of the jobs I get sent on are high risk and in remote areas but that’s because I am professional and can handle the stress. She has done a lot of special things for me in the past when I needed them.

Next, an unloving partner. This is fueled by my self conjured paranoia. My boyfriend and I have been apart for two months now, this is due to distant locations and work. I feel like I may be losing his interest, our bond is disintegrating and someone else has stolen his heart. I need to escape my own head and look at how things REALLY are. We talk everyday, saying sweet things and I love you’s back and forth. I get a good morning and good night text everyday and we are both trying our very best to get through this absence. I have to start recognizing and being appreciative of what I do have. I’m grateful to have such a strong, loving man in my life and accept that we are okay and we will be together again one day. When we reunite it will be magical!

Third is troubled friends. When I say troubled I mean that friends come to me with their personal problems or situations and often instead of just listening I judge on what I would have done differently and automatically assume my way would have worked out better for them. Gut check; Who am I to judge?! Everyone deals with life’s curveballs differently and I am in no place to criticize. Instead I need to be thankful I have such wonderful friends who feel open enough to talk to me about such personal things. I need to be there for them as a wall to bounce off of or a shoulder to lean on. Listening and comforting is the best support one human can give another. Time to get out of my brain and into my ears, channel that compassion and be there for my dear friends whom I love so much because that is exactly what they do for me.

This Dr. Phil article came at a time when it didn’t even recognize I was doing all these things. The quick judgements, self-paranoia and a er that I was portraying was all because I was looking at life through my own perception and not seeing the reality of it all. Thanks to his tips and writing out this post I feel better, refreshed and ready to move forward with a new “lens”. I’m also going to tell each of these people that I appreciate them.

Do you struggle with your own perception as well? Have you ever had a life lesson fall so perfectly in your lap? Do you read O Magazine?

Thanks for listening friends!


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