Bath Time

I LOVE me some baths! Like looooooove that quiet me time! I let the water run, usually too hot, load it up with bubbles and epsom salts. I pour myself a cup of coffee or sometimes a glass of wine depending on what time of the day it is. Then I bring in a current book I am reading or my laptop to catch up on TV shows or movies. However putting your computer on a towel on the toilet and your glass on the floor isn’t as luxurious or comfortable…

Introducing the bath shelf!

bathtub1 bathtub2 bathtub3

Now these images are ones I have seen on Pinterest and Google Image Search. I mentioned to my man how much I would love to have one and what does he do?! He surprises me with one he made himself! Oh how I love when he does manly, romantic things like that!


All mine šŸ™‚ Time to hop in the tub!



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