Trendy | Kimono’s

Hey y’all! Well I ended up floating down the Pembina River for 5 hours with a big group of friends for Canada Day. It was great! The weather was so hot and sunny, beverages we’re flowing! We all bought fun floaties and rafts and tubes and tied them together and cruised along. We stopped halfway at a bridge for some of the guys to jump off of and just took in the beautiful scenery Canada offers. I didn’t make it to the fireworks that night though, too much sun had me exhausted! It’s another beautiful day today so me and some girls are gonna jump in the car and go exploring.


One trend I have been seeing a lot and loving a lot are Kimono’s. Originally from Japan the trend is now worldwide with beautiful designs, colourful patterns and made of luxurious fabrics. Here are a few of my favs I found around the web. What do you think of this trend? Would you wear it? Do you have one? What trends are you loving this summer?



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